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Our Research and Development Vision - Acoustics Software and Beyond

Understanding the world is an inbuilt desire of the human species and research is what makes us propel towards a better understanding of our environment and ourselves.

A designer acts as a “petite prophet” and once the advice is on paper, events ought to follow the prescribed trajectory! More often than not, the outcome deviates from prescription therefore, an accurate prediction of the future ought to be based on the latest scientific findings.

We at Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development study the work of the scientific community, weigh different approaches in tackling a problem and try to develop acoustics software products which can translate academic work into engineering applications. By the use of our noise prediction software we hope to assist acousticians and engineers in predicting sound and noise propagation more accurately, especially in the field of Noise Control.
Acoustics has come a long way within the last century, since it was recognized as an independent field of study. Computer technology has allowed the dreams of the founders of Acoustics to become reality. Sound and Noise prediction software applications are tools that the acoustical consultant and researcher cannot do without. Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development strives to turn vision to reality, theory into practice.
PEMARD’s future plans include further research in noise barriers and noise barriers calculations as well as room acoustics, room acoustics software, building acoustics, building acoustics software and noise control.


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