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P.E. Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd (PEMARD for short) is an R&D company which was set up to research and develop several software applications in the various fields of Acoustics.

Acoustics software applications are used by acoustic engineers for designing optimal solutions for outdoor situations, room acoustics, building acoustics and noise control. PEMARD develops unique methodologies and techniques to assist the scientific community in dealing with acoustical problems, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

PEMARD based the development of acoustics software applications on the 30 years of experience in the field of Acoustics, inherited by the founders of Panacoustics Ltd. Being consultants, the founders of Panacoustics Ltd, an acoustics consultancy firm, set up PEMARD in order to develop acoustics software from an engineer’s perspective.

Olive Tree Lab is the first integrated acoustics software dealing with outdoor sound propagation as well as indoors. A powerful 3D acoustical software application in one working environment. These applications are, Room Acoustics (OTL – Room), Open Plan Office (OTL-Office) and Outdoor Sound Propagation, (OTL -Terrain). 

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