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Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development (PEMARD) are the developers of “Olive Tree Lab - Suite”, a suite of acoustical software modules encompassing a wide range of fields in acoustics: Terrain, Room Acoustics, Open-Plan Office, Multilayered Structure Builder and the Sound Distribution and Scattering Polar Plotter. Future modules currently under development include Building Acoustics and Mechanical Systems Noise Control.

It is a unique, practical, accurate and precise acoustical simulation environment based on state of the art methods. “Olive Tree Lab - Suite” offers users a virtual laboratory where they can experiment and study the effects acoustical parameters have on their designs.

PEMARD also represents other acoustical software by renowned developers, including SONarchitect for building acoustics and AFMG's product series which includes EASE, Reflex, Soundflow and others.



OTL 4.0 Released! With Atm. Refraction, Source Directivity, HRTF.

NEW Room Modes Tool!

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